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Hi, Im TippyHat, and i've been drawing lewd art since may of 2019. I've want to tell you all what i've been up to and what im going to be doing in the future. Call this a road map for 2021 if you will. (though it doesnt have solid plans)

  • introduction

So my art skills have improved and i have compared my newer art with the older. Its got me thinking, its time to do things differently for the better, but i want to get some things off my chest. For anyone noticing, you saw that i have said i would quit multiple times. Well, this was because i felt no one cared and i wasn't going to get popular. I was struggling with depression, recovering from the abusive life i had before I made it to where i am today. It was hard to leave the people that harmed me for so long and I wasn't stable in the mind. Now im getting help, my depression has gone away and i can think clearly. So I'm NOT going to quit anymore! i may take breaks from nsfw art to do sfw art, but at last, my passion for digital art will continue and no one can stop it. i know im getting personal, but its so you all understand the situation, i'll spare the finer details.

With that said, here is what im thinking (give feedback if you like, i always appreciate it!)

  • 1: Art style "Series"

to break up the art styles from the old, my new art i will call "Series 2" and the old stuff "Series 1". i feel with the art style along with the idea of Dont starve characters being older (to avoid conflict with the Loli tags and such), that my other art was a series of works of its own, like mini tales of the consent with lewd encounters with other characters and such. My work from this point forward (including the last 2 works ive made), will be the new series, but the idea of the characters are there, just new and improved art.

  • 2: Commissions

Before i start accepting commissions, i want to give more examples of what i can do and get down my skills to make art fast but good, preferring quality over quantity to say. I'll post an update to let you know when im ready to accept commissions again (and also find a better way to accept payment other the Venmo), prices and limits will be posted then as well.

  • 3: streaming

right now i am living with 2 other people helping me out with life and want to make sure i can be with them before doing art, so once i move to my own place (should be mid-2021, apartment application was accepted and waiting for a space now), i'll consider streaming on picarto again. maybe even go to twitch to stream games to take a break, but those are ideas for now.

  • 4: social media and communication with fans

right now, im using Twitter, Pixiv, and newgrounds to post work. (Pixiv is the best place to go with alt uploads being less time consuming), but i do chill on discord with other nsfw servers. If I get enough people to request it, i'll open a server for us to chill chat, share art, share memes, etc.

Also im wanting to do polls to determine what to draw next, going out of dont starve area and into others. So i want to perhaps make a post on what characters everyone wants to have drawn, and after everyone selects their pick, i would take the 5 most wanted requests and put them in a poll to determine a winner. I'll work on the kinks later (ha ha kinks).

  • Do note! (real life work related)

i work 40 hours a week at a medical supply company, i am highly need there do to covid and this is how im able to afford anything i have now and be able to be happy, it's not a easy job, but i do love it and the people i work with are the most professional and kindest people around. I cant afford to do art full time, but it is a hobby i would love to continue doing.

  • conclusion

Well i know your probably bored about reading all this, and i don't blame you, but I want to communicate with others to let you know im listening so i can understand what everyone wants. I don't mainly ask for money (which is why patron is out of this post), i just want people to see my work, share feedback and make people happy. that drives me to draw then anything else. I know with this pandemic and COVID-19 going around, its hard for a lot of people, but please stay strong! we all need this and make it to the end, no mater where you are!

I appreciate you reading this (or at least skim through this), and i love all of you amazing, kind, people! Keep doing what you do best, and do what you love! We. Will. Get. Through. This. Together! <3


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